In-Person K-12 School Assemblies


Mark Kistler In-Person!

Engaging Visual Arts K-12 Assemblies. Lasting Results.


Mark Kistler has presented his acclaimed techniques to over 4,000 school assemblies.

Through television, books, Internet and appearances, Mark has taught millions of children the world over how to stretch their imaginations by adding depth and perspective to their drawings.

He can teach your students too!

...Outcomes that Count!


“Being able to transfer thoughts into three dimensional drawings develops critical thinking and visual communication skills.” – Tim Decker, Former “Simpsons” & Disney Animator

“If they’re worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more arts…” – Tom Horne, Former Arizona State Superintendent

“Just look at the inventors of the iPhone and the developers of Google… Creative experiences are part of the daily work life of engineers, business managers, and other professionals… America’s children will need to be inventive and imaginative. The best way to foster that creativity is through arts education.” – Former Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan

Why Schedule a K-12 Learn-to-Draw Assembly with Mark Kistler?


Here’s What You’re In For When You Schedule a K-12 Visual Arts Assembly With Mark Kistler!

  • Two dynamic live performances with Mark Kistler. One assembly for lower grades and another for the upper grades. FRESH NEW ASSEMBLIES EACH YEAR!

  • Students arrive at the assembly equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board, slate or book to use as a lap desk.

  • Mark Kistler has the group (up to 5,000 at a time!) sit on the floor (elementary), or bleachers (middle school), or auditorium theater seats (high school) and draw along with him.

  • Using a document camera, and computer-projected animation, Mark expertly guides your students through an extraordinary imagination adventure. Your students learn how-to-draw in 3-D while creating great illustrated stories of journeys to the bottom of the sea, time-travel adventures of dinosaurs, ancient Egyptian mummies, King Arthur’s Camelot, or perhaps even alien penguins and ninja squirrels!

  • Mark Kistler inspires your students to “Dream it! Draw it! Do it!!” in harnessing the power of their imagination to make their life dreams come true. Many of Mark’s alumni achieved their dreams while working on professional projects like Shrek, Madagascar, Toy Story, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Incredibles, The Simpsons, Frozen, X-Men, Despicable Me, Lion King, Tangled, Little Mermaid, and many more.


(Actual completed drawings from in-person school assemblies)