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NYC Movie Review by Avi Offer!

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    The Secret Cities of Mark Kistler is a fascinating, heartfelt and inspirational documentary biopic on American artist Mark Kistler. He's known for his educational 80's show "The Secret City" where he portrayed a fictional character, Commander Mark, while instructing children how to draw in 3-D, and for his 90's show "Mark Kistler's Imagination Station." He taught his 12 Fundamental Laws of Drawing which includes Foreshortening, Placement, Size, Overlapping, Shading, Shadow, Contour, Horizon, Bonus, Practice and Attitude. So, not only does Kistler provide inspiration to children, he also gives them useful, practical skills. Director Jason Corgan Brown does a great job of introducing the audience to Mark Kistler, so you'll get a sense of what makes him important in the art world. Brown combines archival footage with contemporary interviews of Mark Kistler himself. Kistler comes across as intelligent as well as a talented artist and educator who understands the power of the artist's imagination. He knows how to make learning how to draw a fun and exciting experience for kids. The Secret Cities of Mark Kistler captures Kistler's passion for drawing along with his warmth, charisma, kindness and sense of humor. He deserves to be as well known as Bob Ross. Even if you've never heard of Mark Kistler before, you'll be glad that you did after watching this eye-opening documentary. At an ideal running time of 1 hour and 23 minutes, The Secret Cities of Mark Kistler opens at Village East by Angelika via Laser Beam Releasing.

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