Virtual K-12 School Assemblies

So many staff members and students complimented on Mark's presentation. Some even said that the virtual format for this was ideal and that he was PERFECT in the role of virtual teaching and interacting with the audience. Many kids are so proud of their work. One child comes to mind who praised himself for his work, which was so nice to hear since he tends to be shy and less confident. Mark is a talented artist who has the gift to share his talents with others.


Candace Connell
Teacher/Enrichment Coordinator
Dunbarton Elementary School

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Hello Fellow passionate supporters of the arts in schools!


I’m SO EXCITED to be able to offer you my LIVE school assemblies at a deeply discounted price–through the wonders of technology.

Like most educators on the planet, we have been working hard transitioning to 100% online LIVE Webcasting. We have been working with a team of EXCEPTIONAL EXPERTS to create an AFFORDABLE LIVE WEBCAST ASSEMBLY that feels like I’m RIGHT THERE in your students classrooms or homes!

We have figured it out! I can’t wait to VISIT your school in this wonderful new way!



I teach your kids to Draw! Draw! Draw! just like always! But I’m in my studio and you’re where you are. The lesson is PERSONALIZED, LIVE, and INTERACTIVE! I answer parent and teacher QUESTIONS and talk with your students while I teach. I spotlight their drawings and encourage them to share genius ideas to embellish the drawings with the group. This LIVE interactive technology IS SO COOL!




Students need an internet connected smart phone, tablet, or computer.  A piece of paper, a pencil, a smile, and an excited sense of adventure for creative discovery!




My LIVE webcast assemblies are FUN and PERSONAL. Your school will COLLABORATE WITH ME and CHOOSE its lessons from my list of ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ART INSPIRATIONS. Your students have the opportunity to pick where they want to travel with their imaginations! Perhaps they will want to have…

“Mr. Mark webcasting LIVE from his Antarctic Penguin Research Station!”

Or…”Mr. Mark LIVE webcasting from ‘The Land Of Dinosaurs!'”

“Mr. Mark webcasting LIVE from his Antarctic Or possibly…”Mr. Mark LIVE webcasting from the surface of the moon!” Research Station!”


I’m in Texas in my state of the ART hi-fun hi-tech studio. The students are in their homes or classrooms, whatever your current situation is.



You and I schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 15 – 30 minute ZOOM LIVE preview session.  I demonstrate exactly how I approach teaching, entertaining, and INSPIRING your students harnessing this fantastic technology!  I am available Monday- Friday 1pm-2pm Central Time for these personal mini ZOOM previews.  If you need an alternative time, I’ll make every effort to accommodate you.  To schedule your personal mini ZOOM with me please email



One for lower grades, and one for upper grades. My LIVE WEBCASTS are tailored to be age appropriate to the skills and abilities of each age group.


Students and Teachers just need pencils, paper, and an internet connected laptop, smartphone, or computer.

WHY ART? WHY ART??!! “Studies show that students of the arts in all disciplines outperformed their non-arts peers on the SAT by 102 points in 2010.”
– The College Board, 2010, Group Profile Report

“Being able to transfer thoughts into three dimensional drawings develops critical thinking and visual communication skills.”
– Tim Decker, Former “Simpsons” & Disney Animator

“If they’re worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more arts…”
– Tom Horne, Arizona State Superintendent

“Just look at the inventors of the iPhone and the developers of Google… Creative experiences are part of the daily work life of engineers, business managers, and other professionals… America’s children will need to be inventive and imaginative. The best way to foster that creativity is through arts education.”
– Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan

About Mark Kistler and Mark’s Inspiring Assemblies


Mark Kistler has presented his acclaimed K-12 Virtual Arts Assembly to thousands of schools around the world. He inspires your students to “Dream it! Draw it! Do it!!” in harnessing the power of their imagination to make their life dreams come true. Many of Mark’s alumni achieved their dreams while working on professional projects like Shrek, Madagascar, Toy Story, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Incredibles, The Simpsons, and many more.

For three decades, Mark Kistler has been teaching kids at over 7,000 schools with this world-famous assembly program. This is an unforgettable hands-on assembly that encourages students, teachers, and parents to participate. Mark has taught millions of children around the world how to draw…he can teach your students, too!

  • 44 years of School Assembly performances

  • Thousands school assembly performances

  • 42,000 downloads of his iPhone App “Learn To Draw With Mark Kistler”

  • Millions visitors on Kistler Youtube/Amazon Prime

  • Author/Illustrator of 10 best-selling “How-to-Draw” books

  • 600,000 Mark Kistler books in print

  • 2010 Emmy Award Winner

  • Creator/host of Public Television’s “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station”

Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in three dimensions builds a child’s critical thinking skills while nourishing self-esteem. His positive messages on goal setting, dream conquering, and the power of reading have sparked millions of children around the world to discover their awesome individual potentials.



YES! and YES! I will be glad to sign and send your students books. I’ll provide a book order form for before and after the assembly.

I PROMISE to INSPIRE your GENIUS students on my VIRTUAL VISIT! LET’s travel on this new ART ADVENTURE together!



Schedule your LIVE VIRTUAL assembly today!
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Over the past 40 years, Mark Kistler has taught millions of children how to draw at thousands of K-12 school assembly and visual arts workshops around the world, including; Australia, Germany, Canada, England, Scotland, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Dubai, India, France, Ireland, Tonga, and the United States.

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