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I began this exciting global campaign of inspiring creativity and imagination on Jan 1, 2024. My plan, is simple, to LIVEstream a fun engaging joyful 30 minutes drawing lesson everyday in 2024! My goal to inspire a million more people to launch their imaginations through learning to draw with me.


My dream is to ignite a “One Drawing A Day No Matter WHAT!” worldwide phenomenon, inspiring, motivating and teaching millions the playful joy, peace, and FUN of drawing daily. Continuing and building on the momentum created from my Public Television series, my books, and my personal appearances. After 40 years of chasing my dream, I believe that this daily LIVEstreaming campaign of creativity has the potential to truly inspire tens of millions around the world to “Draw! Draw! Draw!”


Will you help me make this cool crazy dream a reality? Become one of my $1 a day ($29 a month) Angel Sponsors today?! THANK YOU!


As I’ve shared with you during my LIVEstreams, I’m excited to offer you some really fun “Thank YOU!” gifts for your sponsorship.


1. Special dedicated LiveStreams to you and your family! Ohhhhhhh cooool! 


2. Original autographed art created during your special LIVESTREAM.


3. An autographed personalized book!


4. Special BIRTHDAY Pencil Power Parties LIVEstreamed on your birthdays, oh what fun and so clever!


5. Your names gratefully acknowledged during several Daily LIVEstreams!


6. A very creative YouTube Short video, and Facebook/Instagram Video Reel thanking you for your sponsorship to my thousands of brilliant viewers!


I’ll be including additional special treats for you and my other sponsors as this program grows.

Thank you Angel Sponsors!


Bruce Arbuckle 


Lisa Duff
North Carolina, USA


McKenzie Duff
North Carolina, USA


DebbYe and Bill Foster
Houston, TX NASA Ground Control
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