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Nick's Mom - The Woodlands, TX

"Mr. Kistler: We just attended your Summer Art Camp afternoon sessions at Northwoods Church in The Woodlands. We just wanted to thank you and let you know that our son Nick, age 9, said art camp this week with you was “the best week of his life.”

We look forward to attending more art camps with you in the future and just wanted to share our experience with you. You were a very humble, charismatic, and engaging teacher. (By the way, Nick’s uncle also grew up with your PBS shows and is one of your biggest fans!) Thank you, again, and keep up the great work!"

Christina -Wichita, KS

Thank You a million times for bringing PBS’s Imagination Station Mark Kistler to Wichita State University!!!! Just Wonderful!!! The parents had MORE fun than the the kids! Here is a photo of our daughters working with Mark online…his lessons are BRILLIANT!



Shannon R. -Kalamazoo, MI

What a BLAST! What a terrific teacher and motivator! Mark is so funny, genuine, and has amazing talent! Thank you for allowing parents to participate for free! I’m having as much fun as my children…I didn’t have any idea I could draw!


THANK YOU!…I never see my daughter get up from bed so quickly than these past two days! She is more than excited…She LOVES drawing with Mark Kistler….She says she feels like a fish in water!!!!

Jessica H. -Kalamazoo, MI

My Son LOVES this Class – talks about it all day and can’t wait for the next drawing lesson!

Pam C. -Rio Rancho, NM

Mark is fun and funny and an absolute teaching genius. He is able to make everyone comfortable drawing, young and old alike.

Ann P. -San Diego, CA

Mark Kistler’s art classes encourage imagination, creativity, and focus in a positive, kid-friendly environment. Mark’s classes are lively and entertaining. Our son has been going to Mark’s summer art camp classes for years and loves the virtual art classes that came online recently. He can’t wait to get home to get online and start drawing on the night of his virtual class. This amazing technology makes it seem as though Mark is right in the same room teaching. My son thinks the virtual classes are awesome!

Becky J. -Greenville, TN

Your class is my children’s first exposure to live, on-line learning, and I must say that I am very impressed with your classes! I love that they’re learning more drawing techniques and that they get a gentle introduction to live, on-line classes. You are a fabulous teacher and the kids love the classes! I am also impressed with how well you interact with kids. Thanks for making this possible!

Katerina B. -Albuquerque NM

Anyone who can get me (parent) to draw dinosaurs, rats, blobs, and sharks is a genius!! Mark is funny, sweet, kind, bold, fierce, and courageous…did I mention ….a terrific educator?! I am now completely motivated to learn how to DRAW! Thanks Mark for encouraging parents to participate for FREE with their kids! ALL parents should do this, it’s really a reMARKable…experience!

Rita F. -Bakersfield, CA

Mark is an incredible teacher. His technique encourages all students (and parents!) to try, without hesitation to express themselves. They walk away with so much more than new drawing skills. They leave feeling good about themselves and with a love for the field if art. Thank you Mark!

Penny M. -Woodlands, TX

I’ve never seen my daughter so EXCITED!

Julie G. -Kingwood, TX

This is the first art class my daughter has taken. She LOVED it! She would go home after class and keep drawing! She was always excited for the next class!

N.L. -Woodlands, TX

We LOVED this Art Camp! It reignited my passion for drawing and I can see my children’s progress in one week!

Teresa M. -Vista, CA

This is our 3rd Summer returning…Mark put’s 110% into the classes and the kids (and parents!) really appreciate it!


Finally, the best news of all…the feedback from the kids was excellent!Caitlin (age 10) said, “I love art camp! I love everything about it. I love meeting new people. I love 3D drawing! That’s my favorite class, and Mr. Mark is my favorite teacher! Mark Kistler is really funny! My second favorite teacher is Miss Clarissa. I love dance! She’s super nice!” Caitlin has been singing and dancing to the “Call Me Maybe” song from class for the past 3 hours. She also said, “Claymation rocks! Mr. Tom noticed that I’m a touchy-feely person because I liked touching the textures of all the art supplies. I liked the feeling of the clay in my hands too!”Brett (age 6) said, “Art camp is the best thing on Earth. The best teacher on the planet is Mark Kistler. 3D is my most favoritest class. We drawed, but not in 3D because it didn’t look in 3D because we didn’t have any 3D glasses on! My second favorite classes were Claymation and Art Attack!” Thought you would like to know what they said after class and get a little chuckle out of it.

Nicole A. -Portage, MI

This Art Camp has been wonderful! We can’t tell you how much our daughter looks forward to coming everyday! It has boosted her drawing confidence – something she has been passionate about for years!

Jenny F. -Portage, MI

My kids liked to draw before this class, but now are drawing ALL of the time!

Greg -Pratt, MI

I loved Mark’s enthusiasm because it made me want to draw alongside my daughter. Each evening we did our “Home-FUN” (homework) together! My daughter and I will definitely return next year.

Amy -Longcore, MI

My daughter had so much fun…she was smiling the whole time! Mark is a lot of fun and a great teacher.

Sally -Courtney, MI

I never thought I could DRAW! My 6 year old and I were able to keep up and have FUN!….without any art experience!


Hi there,I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Rio Rancho Art Camp. Krystal and I had a great time and it was an experience that we will never forget.Mark is fun and funny and an absolute teaching genius. He was able to make everyone comfortable, young and old alike. I was amazed at how many adults stayed and played with their kids. We learned and laughed and really enjoyed ourselves.I feel truly blessed that Krystal and I were able to learn from Mark and have so much fun this week. God has gifted us with this experience and I wanted to thank you for making it possible. Please let Mark know that I was touched by his kindness and ability to do so many things at one time. He touched our hearts and spurred our imaginations. God Bless all of you for kicking off our summer holiday in such a great way. (Including the parents is brilliant!!!!)

Patricia R. -Bakersfield, CA

My 2 GRAND nieces, ages 10 and 11, LOVED your art camp. You have inspired them to continue using their imagination and develop their drawing in 3-D skills!! Thank you Mark, from the right side of our BRAINS!

Kendra C. -Bakersfield, CA

What a great experience…Fun! Funny! Funariffic! Funtastic!

Trent H. -Rio Ranch, NM

I seriously think I may have enjoyed the class more than my son and I know my son had a blast! Great experience!


Jill E. -Bakersfield, CA

Mark Inspires all ages to stretch their imagination and draw! This was our second year at art camp and it was educational and fun! My sons enjoy drawing with Mark at the Summer Art Camp and his Online Art Academy too! We look forward to next year!


Tammy F. -Bakersfield, CA

What an amazing week this has been! When I signed my son up for the camp I was not planning on attending with him. Thank you for encouraging the parents to come along, my son and I will enjoy drawing together for years to come.


C.C. -Spring, TX

The week was filled with exciting and fun themes. It was so nice to be productive and learning and have a blast in the process. Mark is a patient and encouraging teacher. He definitely has a heart for kids and uses his talents to spark creativity. We’d love to help with next year.


G.H. -Houston, TX

The class was really enjoyable. Mark was a drawing genius. The kids enjoyed drawing in class and then doing the homework. I love the way he tells them to stretch their imaginations. I also learned a thing or two.


K.B. -Spring, TX

My boys had a great time in art class and were actually excited to go home and draw more lessons. We are going to use the on-line art academy for our home school this year.


W.H. -Spring, TX

Art Camp was great! My daughter learned a lot about shading and drawing. The best part, I learned a lot too. I found myself drawing funny pictures for my kids.


J.C. -Kingwood, TX

I knew my son was a good artist, but this class was a suprise. We both learned so much in a short period. I never would have guessed we’d have so much fun.


D.M. -Houston, TX

Fun and interesting. Mark has a great rapport with children He makes everything fun and times flies.


S.P. -Houston, TX

Thank you for the instruction. This might be a new career goal for my son.


Taylor L.

My daughter age 9 loves this program. She enjoys the step by step instructions, and loves her finished art work. Her confidence in herself increased, and now she is an exceptional artist.

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